Together, we will build a digital community that will serve as a catalyst for building each other up and empowering our communities.



We are a human development and empowerment company focused on advancing people of color and the communities in which they live. We develop customized content and programs to empower great individuals and organizations to achieve amazing results.

"Success without molding a legacy of leaders, is like being buried with money - you are both valuable and worthless at the same time."

Enabld was founded by Mike A. Williams, a multifaceted Senior IT executive and social entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience enabling Global Fortune 500 companies while leading and developing large global customer-focused and high-performing teams. Mike leverages his experience in business, technology, process, and leadership to empower people of color and organizations within underrepresented cities to excel personally, professionally and within their respective businesses.


Let's be leaders at cultivating knowledge and moving each other forward.

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